About Life Elektrik

Learn the brief history of Life Elektrik and read about the epilepsy warrior behind the organization...

Meet Our Ambassadors

As the Life Elektrik grows, so do our amazing team of volunteer ambassadors.  These people make magic happen!  Get to know them...

Our Community

Whether you are a person with epilepsy, caregiver, parent, spouse, friend, child of someone with epilepsy, colleague, or curious about the neurological disorder - We celebrate all perspectives at Life Elektrik.

We believe that it's important to listen to everyone affected by epilepsy, to fully understand the disorder and keep an open dialogue flowing.  We support each other and understand that different treatment methods work for different people.

We are a community based on positivity and empowerment, and when we feel low - We rise together.  No bullying, mean girls (or boys), or shaming.

We are all in this together.  Welcome home, Warrior.


With physical & virtual events, happening monthly, in multiple locations, there's sure to be an event for you to attend!

Stories from warriors, just like you, sharing their stories to help raise awareness & end stigmas.

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, and we're launching our "1 In 10 Campaign" to educate others about epilepsy & raise funds.

Donate to Life Elektrik

Life Elektrik provides services to adults living with epilepsy, and we can do so much more with your donation.  Your generous gift will go to funding outreach programs, producing educational materials, operating costs, and events to raise epilepsy awareness & educate the public about the neurological disorder.  Over the past year, we've donated thousands of dollars worth of medicine & medical equipment to epilepsy warriors all over the world!