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• Community Outreach

• “The Elektrik Life” Program

• Epilepsy Education Workshops

• Educational Materials & Seminars

• Life Elektrik’s Operational Expenses

• On-going Epilepsy Awareness Campaigns

• Warrior Meetups (United States & United Kingdom)



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Curious How You Can Donate to Life Elektrik in other ways?


  • Space Sponsorship:

    Do you own a meeting or event space you think would be great for one of our events?  Donate your rental space for an hour once a month to one of our Warrior Meetup.


  • Physical/Virtual Appearance:

    Do you have a message, skill or information you’d like to share with our community?  Speak to our group at one of our Warrior Meetups or schedule a Facebook/Social Media LIVE.


  • Product/Service Donation:

    Do you have a product or service you think Epilepsy Warriors could benefit from?  Donate your product/service or provide a special deal to our group.  It’s a win/win!


  • Advertising Donation: 

    Do you own or work for a physical/virtual publication or community?  Donate an ad sponsorship to Life Elektrik to help spread the word about our positivity-based community and events.


Did I miss something you would like to donate?  No problem!

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