We provide a safe environment for adults living with epilepsy to communicate with one another in a positive manner, while providing support to each other.


We provide educational media and tools to the community to educate the public, encouraging an open dialogue about epilepsy and ending stigmas.


We provide stories about epilepsy warriors, host social change campaigns, and share ways to advocate for those living with epilepsy.


The Elektrik Life Program

If someone is new to epilepsy or is interested in learning more, this program provides an informational kit that helps them to better understand the neurological disorder.

“The Elektrik Life” Kit includes facts, treatment options, resources, and advice from fellow warriors. It also Includes an ICE wallet card, Emergency Plan Template, and information about Life Elektrik.

We mail “The Elektrik Life” Kit to the recipient’s home and offer additional support via our social media community or email, if they have any additional questions.





Warrior Meetups

Warrior Meetups are Life Elektrik's version of physical "support groups."  Our groups are little different than the traditional support group, because we focus on empowering our fellow warriors.  We don't focus on the negatives, instead we try to find the lesson with the them. 

Our Warrior Meetups happen monthly in multiple US & UK locations and are hosted by our Ambassadors.  Each Ambassador plans a different meetup for their local community and attendance is donation based.




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Warrior Hangouts

Warrior Hangouts are Life Elektrik's answer to a virtual support group.  Since we are still expanding our physical support group areas, we've created a way for those outside of our Warrior Meetup locations to get support and feel they are also an important part of our community - Because they are!

We host two per month: 1 US Warrior Hangout (Austin, TX) & 1 UK Warrior Hangout (London) Typically hosted by Life Elektrik Founder, Christalle Bodiford, these virtual hangouts are free to attend.






Social Awareness Campaigns

Life Elektrik hosts multiple social awareness campaigns throughout the year to promote a better understanding of epilepsy and educate the public about living with epilepsy.  Pushed through our social media channels and promoted through our website, we encourage our community to help spread awareness through participation and support of Life Elektrik's programs. 

Some of our social campaigns include: "Warrior Bios," "Life Elektrik Video Series," "This Is Epilepsy," "1 In 10 Campaign," & "I'm Not Afraid to Say I Have Epilepsy." 

Our community looks forward to these campaigns as a way to have their voices heard and to feel empowered through shared experiences.








Social Justice

Sometimes things happens in life that can be avoided, like Netflix's recent decision to back a movie that promotes misinformation about epilepsy and the seriousness of the disorder.

In times like these, we call upon our community to rise up together, and we fight for a higher social standard.  Like when we joined forces with our friends over at Kickin' It Purple for Epilepsy, when we committed to their petition to demand that Netflix apologize to the epilepsy community for The After Party's portrayal of a man having a seizure, his friends' reactions, and the misinformation portrayed in the movie.

Through our social justice efforts, we write letters to companies, form petitions, educate others, and fight for equality on the epilepsy community's behalf - in an educated and peaceful manner.








Educational Workshops

Aimed at teaching the general public, our educational workshops will give attendees a better understanding of the neurological disorder.

Some things attendees can expect to learn are: Seizure First Aid, CPR Training, How to Recognize a Seizure, Different Seizure Types, Q&A Panels, Seizure Triggers, Seizure Treatment Options, Causes of Epilepsy, When to Call an Ambulance in an Emergency Situation, and hear stories & speeches from people living with epilepsy, typically followed by a mixer to encourage conversation between attendees and speakers & panelist.






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Support Our Programs

Your generous gift will support our programs listed above, and create opportunities for new programs!  For non-monetary donation inquiries, contact LifeElektrik@gmail.com.